We are now WBE Certified, 
as a Women's Business Enterprise -
the only Syracuse area bakery to be a
certified women's owned business! 

Taken by Don Cazentre at Syracuse.com


I began this business almost 7 years ago to do something

that I have always loved to do ... bake!


Believing that organic and natural ingredients are better

for us - yes, even in a cookie! - I developed my cookie recipes using organic butter, organic eggs, unbleached flour and all natural ingredients. Then I add delicious mix-ins for a unique and superior cookie. Gluten free and vegan included!


Every cookie is hand crafted and baked in small batches.

All of my customers say that these are the best cookies

they have ever tasted! We are proud to have three award winning cookies, our S'mores cookie, our Milky Way chocolate chip cookies, and our newest, the Heath Bar Crunch cookies! 


Try them for yourself! I'm certain that you will agree!

We also  have Edible Cookie Dough and ice cream. Have one of our popular Ice Cream cookie cups and Custom Cookie Sandwiches to go!  Our customers also love our monster sized cereal treats, made with all the yummy cereals you loved as a kid. We also sell our much loved Buttercream Sugar Cookies, as well as whatever new ideas strike our fancy! Plus homemade dog treats!

Visit us at 266 West Jefferson Street, across the street from the MOST, in Syracuse's Armory Square and appreciate all of our wonderful customers!

We hope to see you soon!